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Driving along Scenic K-177 in October

I took the following four, 90 second videos yesterday driving north along K-177 between Cassoday and Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, enroute from Wichita to Manhattan. This national scenic byway is one of my favorite roads in Kansas. The low clouds and lighting in these videos don’t do justice to the autumn colors of the prairie, unfortunately, […]

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Rachel gathering acorns and acorn hats

Yesterday Rachel and I gathered some acorns and acorn “hats” in the Sunset Cemetery in Manhattan, Kansas. She has been wanting to collect acorns for some time, and I remembered that the oak trees in this Manhattan cemetery produce LOTS of acorns each year, both large and small. Technorati Tags: kansas, manhattan, acorn, acorns, collecting, […]

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VoiceThread about The Gingerbread Baby

Rachel created the following VoiceThread today about Jan Brett‘s book, “The Gingerbread Baby,” during the 2009 KATE Conference in Wichita, Kansas. She recorded the first three pages’ comments during the actual conference, in front of about 150 English teachers! She recorded the fourth/last page right after the conference keynote was over. We planned this VoiceThread […]

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