Title: Snowflake Gets Lost

Description: Snowflake is an Alaskan dog who gets separated from his owner, Lesley, and becomes lost in the wilderness. Lesley does everything she can to find Snowflake and bring him back home.

eBook Formats: An ePUB eBook with audio as well as text created by Rachel Fryer and Madison Bertsch in February 2012 (at age 9, respectively) using Apple Pages and AudacityMore information about this backstory is available. To hear the audio of this ePUB ebook, open this book in iBooks for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch or another software tool supporting ePUB eBooks with embedded audio. Try the Google Chrome extension for Readium for browser-based eReading.

ePUB eBook direct download link: Dropbox

Additional download versions for “Snowflake Gets Lost” are available on meetsnowflake.com.

Printed Version:

A printed version of this book is also available via Lulu.com for $7.64 plus shipping and taxes. The printing cost of this book is $5.64 each, so for each book purchased Rachel and Madison both earn one dollar.


More resources about “Creating Enhanced eBooks” are also available from Wes.

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