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Cartwheels pano style

Today at Union Station in Kansas City, the girls asked me to take composite photos of them doing cartwheels using Pano. The results turned out pretty good for a first try!

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Fun with art at Kaleidoscope in Kansas City

This afternoon my girls and I were able to have LOTS of fun with my sister and nephew, making art at Kaleidoscope in Kansas City. In these two videos, Rachel explains how she is making a puzzle, and you can see the puzzle cutting process. This was some magnet art I created on the whiteboard. […]

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Trampoline Jumping Fun

Yesterday members of our family became owners of a new trampoline, and much of my afternoon / evening was spent putting it together. Let’s hear it for opportunities to be OUTSIDE and get lots of EXERCISE jumping and playing! Video recorded with my iPhone 3GS and uploaded to Flickr via PixelPipe. Technorati Tags: play, trampoline, […]

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Fun playing in our record Oklahoma City snowfall

We shared a live webcast over Ustream yesterday on Christmas Eve of our front yard, as a record-breaking 14 inches of snow fell on Edmond and Oklahoma City! We recorded two segments during the day. The “Peaceful Christmas” Pandora channel was streaming as the audio channel for these webcasts. 18.5 minutes: Playing in the snow […]

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Cooking Holiday Sausage Balls (Int’l Cooking Show)

Sarah recorded episode #3 of “The International Cooking Show” today, demonstrating how to cook holiday sausage balls. Her sister, Rachel, joined in this episode which runs 7.5 minutes. Background music for this video is “Malt Shop Bop” from Incompetech Royalty Free Music. We used the same recipe for these that we’ve used since 2007. Ingredients: […]

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Videos from the Medieval Festival in Norman

This is absolutely too cute not to share. I think we can title this “Camel Ride Promo Spot.” Yes, the annual Medieval Festival in Norman, Oklahoma, IS a good time for all. Except, of course, if you’re a teenager who gets into a child’s swing and gets so stuck the Norman Fire Department has to […]

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